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Servicing the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains
About and Skills
A glimpse into the life and skills of Brendan O'Toole
About Brendan O'Toole

I've had a passion for IT my whole life. Most of my skills are self-taught through trial and error. My first computer, a Pentium II with 64MB of RAM, an 8GB HDD and Windows 95. This is where it all began. With no internet connection at the time, it started with breaking Windows and attempting to fix it.

In primary school, I was introduced to Macintosh and Linux and my love for computers kept growing. I started toying with Ubuntu in 2006 and set up my first server on a Pentium III with 128MB of RAM. In 2007 I started delving into the world of Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory with Roaming Profiles.

In 2010 I then decided to set up my first complex network at home. Self-hosted DNS servers, domain, VLANs and Virtualisation. As well as web design and basic PHP. PHP never really interested me at the time, so I dropped it and didn't pick it up again until about mid-2013.

Now in 2014, I've decided to pick up PHP again and attempt to learn the language and have started my own business around IT and the web. You can find my skillset to the right. I'm always learning and attempting to better my skills!

CMS (WordPress/Joomla/etc)
Linux Administration
Windows Proficiency
OS X Proficiency
This section is a constant work-in-progress. I am still waiting on clients to contact me back allowing permission for their site to be shown here.
Website Design and Development
Web development blurb here
HTML5+CSS3-only Designs

We only use HTML5 and CSS3 when building websites for clients - ensuring you're taking advantage of the new features of HTML.
Mobile Responsive Templates

Because we build on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, all of the websites we build will be mobile friendly "Out of the Box", meaning your site will look beautiful to everyone who visits it!
Your Website Belongs to You!

On completion of the work on receipt of payment, the copyrights to your site are transferred to you; meaning you're free to do what you want with it!
We're Not Happy Unless You Are!

We strive to make our clients 110% happy with our designs. We won't settle until you're satisfied!
cPanel Website Hosting
When I'd hand over a finished website to a client, I found hosting to be a problem for most clients. Many didn't know what hosting was.

Instead of managing multiple clients across several different hosting platforms amongst different hosting providers, I decided to set up my own hosting environment. This makes it much easier to control and troubleshoot from a management point of view. All hosting is managed through a familiar cPanel interface.

All clients have the option of hosting with a provider of their choosing, and are free to move at any time. There are no contracts. Simply pay by the month! You don't even have to be a web-design client to host with me. If you're interested, simply click the "Order Now" button under the plan of your choosing.

By signing up to the plans below, you agree to our Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), Terms of Service



No MySQL Databases
5GB Storage
50GB Monthly Quota
1 User Mailbox
Can Host 1 Domain + Subdomain



1 MySQL Database
5GB Storage
50GB Monthly Quota
1 User Mailbox
Can Host 1 Domain + Subdomain



3 MySQL Databases
10GB Storage
100GB Monthly Quota
3 User Mailboxes
Can Host 2 Domains + Subdomains



5 MySQL Databases
15GB Storage
150GB Monthly Quota
6 User Mailboxes
Can host 3 Domains + Subdomains



10 MySQL Databases
20GB Storage
200GB Monthly Quota
12 User Mailboxes
Can host 5 Domains + Subdomains

General I.T. Troubleshooting & Support
From iPhones to Landlines and from Tablets to Gaming computers. I can fix it!

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Virus Removal

PC Support

Along with IT, my passion falls to photography as well. Equiped with some of the best kit, you can rely on my photos being the best.